“MuseumMAN is an open cabinet of curiosities tracing a history of two cities through an eclectic mix of art and artifact. With its roots in New York City, it has manifested its unique form of a lived in museum from Berlin to Liverpool.

MAN has been a temporal home for artists and visitors alike. Local and international artists are invited to participate in a dialogue within the space that is MAN, where a menagerie of spatial interventions – events, performance and exhibitions from live bands to levitating manholes – are regularly hosted. Activities inhabit every room and no space is left vacated, except by the artists’ intention. " – Adam Nankervis, Museum Director



Einstein's Eye

EINSTEIN’S EYE collaboration Willoughby Sharp and Pam Seymour Smith. Re-creation of Sharp’s “Einstein’s Eye” video art instal... read more


Bonanza Ranch Red Canyon



January 1, 2006 - Einstein's Eye