“Einstein’s Eye”, the video art piece I collaborated with Willoughby Sharp premiers on May 19th at Kunstpunkt gallery in Berlin. The group show showcases works by Wilhoughby Sharp, David Medala and Reinhart Buettner. I’m also in another one of Sharp’s works which is premiering — a short film named The Typesetter — but only as an actress. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been in Berlin helping set up the show and enjoying the city. The images on the right are from the gallery’s website which is http://www.kunstpunkt.com/



Einstein's Eye

EINSTEIN’S EYE collaboration Willoughby Sharp and Pam Seymour Smith. Re-creation of Sharp’s “Einstein’s Eye” video art instal... read more


Kunstpunkt - Galerie fur Aktuelle Kunst
Schlegelstraße 6 D-10115 Berlin-Mitte
Berlin Germany


May 19, 2006 - Einstein's Eye