The Queens International Film Festival is a truly unique New York event in a borough so rich in entertainment history and value. From the earliest beginnings of the silver screen, Queens has been the main hub for the magic of film. Queens has been the home of the Hollywood elite, and the birthplace of two major studios. The Queens International Film Festival is not just about celebrating the awesome film heritage of Queens. The independent filmmaker is the heart and soul of our festival. They come from all around the world, from different creeds, colors, and religions, being brought together by the universal language of film. In keeping with the “Melting Pot” tradition of New York City, and Queens in particular, the Queens International Film Festival breaks any and all barriers to provide an event that educates, inspires, and enlightens. We make the star of the boroughs shine brighter than ever as a beacon of light to the rest of the world.



Deb Prado’s atmospheric bit of stop-motion animation sifts over the ashes of someone who isn’t there anymore. Made entirely of still pictures from a DSLR camera, with n... read more


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November 11, 2007 - Janela