I'm writing to invite you to come see my video work at the George T. Potter Library at the Ramapo College of NJ. This Solo Exhibition is part of the award for Best Senior Show I received in May 2006.

There are 2 films on display. Both were part of the "Untitled" project showed at the senior show in 2006. They have been re-packaged as "Janela" and "U is for Una Who Slipped Down a Drain".

Since their premiere at Ramapo, both videos have participated in group shows and film festivals around the globe: Morroco, Spain, Italy, Serbia, Ireland, Mexico, Hungary (April 2008) and two directly related projects were shown in London, Liverpool and Berlin. There were also screenings in the NJ/NY area at the NJ State Film Festival at Cape May, Staten Island Film Festival and Queens International Film Festival.

Besides the variety of locations, there is no shortage of different screening formats this work has taken on, among others: TV broadcast on Feb 21st and Feb 23rd 2008 in Spain; open air screening with a public of 600 people in Ireland during the summer of 2007; multiple simultaneous monitors and screens at the Apple Store as part of a panel discussion/mini-workshop during the Staten Island Film Festival; video installation for an international review of video in Italy this winter, mobile and on demand broadband video via podcast reaching an average of 12,000 downloads a month.

Due to it's availability online It has been "appropriated" :) by students from different parts of the globe in their projects, mostly music videos and used by professors in classrooms specially in south america.

After almost 2 years since it's completion, I will no longer search for venues to show this work or actively promote it. If something comes along, I can send you a note if you are interested. In any case, I'll make it available in DVD for friends and family, just send me an e-mail if you want a copy. I'm very happy to share with you how far this project has traveled and that it has reached so many people.

Great thanks to the faculty and staff at Ramapo for their guidance and support. thanks!!! ps: more information check here: http://www.deboraprado.com/exhibitions/12-2008-janela-and-other-shorts